Julianne Gibbs

Office: Chemistry E3-52
Office phone: (780) 492-7140

Juli has long been interested in how confinement at interfaces and in (bio)materials can influence processes like molecular recognition and specific ion effects. This interest leads our group into fundamental studies of processes at interfaces and also into the design of new material properties based on our ability to take advantage of the unique environment that such interfaces present. When Juli is not thinking about chemistry, she loves cooking, yoga, building “machines” out of cardboard boxes with her 8-year-old, and chatting over wine or coffee.

Graduate Students

Shyam Parshotam

Shyam’s interests lie in the realm of theoretical and computational chemistry. He is precisely interested in applying quantum calculations in determining properties associated with nonlinear optics. Besides being a badass, he is into the gym, yoga, and online game. parshota@ualberta.ca


Nahida Akter

Nahida’s research interest lies in materials chemistry, nanotechnology, and inorganic synthesis. Her present research project focuses on the synthesis of self-healing and self-replicating nanomaterials for applications in solar cells and batteries. In her free time, she loves reading books, experimenting with new dishes, and spending quality time with family and friends. nakter@ualberta.ca

Anantha Ealeswarapu

Anantha’s research interest lies in bioanalytical chemistry. Current research focuses on developing an isothermal self-replication DNA strategy using destabilizing probes for the identification of the viral RNA targets. Her project focuses on studying the dependence of background-triggered reactions on biochemical factors. In her free time, she loves reading science fiction books, doing yoga, biking in trials, and hanging out with friends. ealeswar@ualberta.ca

Nathaniel Tetteh

Nathaniel utilizes electrokinetic and non-linear optical spectroscopy to study specific ion effects at the planar silica/water interface with a focus on phenomena occurring at high pH regimes. In his leisure time, Nathaniel enjoys watching/ playing soccer, singing/ listening to music, and reading Christian literature. ntetteh@ualberta.ca

Visiting Student

    Laura Tebcharani