Julianne Gibbs

Office: Chemistry E3-52
Office phone: (780) 492-7140

Juli has long been interested in how confinement at interfaces and in (bio)materials can influence processes like molecular recognition and specific ion effects. This interest leads our group into fundamental studies of processes at interfaces and also into the design of new material properties based on our ability to take advantage of the unique environment that such interfaces present. When Juli is not thinking about chemistry, she loves cooking, yoga, building “machines” out of cardboard boxes with her almost 4-year old, and chatting over wine or coffee.


Post-doc fellow

Dr. Eiman A. Osman



Graduate Students

Safeenaz Alladin-Mustan

Saf research is based on enzymatic DNA amplification technique for the detection of DNA and RNA as biomarker. Specifically, she is interested in expanding Lesion Induced DNA Amplification to the detection of other targets apart from DNA as well as removing the temperature dependency of this technique by performing it at room temperature. Summer is her favorite time of the year because she enjoys going to the festivals and to parks to enjoy the nice weather and do some yummy BBQing. bibi@ualberta.ca

Benjamin Rehl

Ben Rehl
Ben’s main research area is silicon and silica, specifically solid-phase synthesis, nanoparticle functionalization and nonlinear optics. He is also interested in modifying nanoparticles for potential drug delivery platforms and studying environmental interfaces. Ben enjoys hitting the gym, drinking beer and eating sauerkraut. rehl@ualberta.ca

Hansol Park

Hansol Park
Hansol’s research area is on organic synthesis of modified DNA oligos. Another interest she has in on developing green chemistry methods for molecular electronics. When she has free time, she likes to watch movies, cook and hang out with her friends. hansol@ualberta.ca

Mokhtar Rashwan

Mokhtar’s research is on using nonlinear optics to understand the behavior of different interfaces like silica/water. Another interest is studying photovoltaics surfaces using nonlinear optics. Mokhtar enjoys playing and watching soccer, and watching Egyptian movies and TV series. mrashwan@ualberta.ca


Shyam Parshotam

Shyam’s interests lie in the realm of theoretical and computational chemistry. He is precisely interested in applying quantum calculations in determining properties associated with nonlinear optics. Besides being a badass, he is into gym, yoga, and online game. parshota@ualberta.ca


Nahida Akter



Santiago Tijaro Bulla



Anantha Ealeswarapu

Visiting Students

Franziska Busse


Undergraduate Students

Jisu An



Angela Chan